Welcome to the customized tour outlet of the oldest tour operator in China! We provide private tours in China at very affordable price!
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As the customized tour outlet of China Travel Service, we specialize in custom designed private tours to China. You travel with whomever you want wherever you want whenever you want to. No hassle. No limitation. Since you will be taken care of by the government-owned leading travel agency in China,rest assured that you are in good hands...Why Choose Private China Tour

What People Say of Our Private Services

"BEST TRAVEL AGENT I HAVE EVER USED"and travel arrangements in China are hard to do in the first place. We had a bad experience with a group tour and another bad experience with a travel agent years ago in more frequented travel destination. as a result, we have travelled on our own until we went to china on this trip with coym. with coym, it is possible to take a private tour of china for the cost of a mid-range group tour and avoid the hassles of group inertia or selffish tourists interfering with the tour's itinerary. everything promised was delivered and then some. everyone was pro-active; not leaving anything to chance. guides were flexible and willing to incorporate a few changes. there was no bait-and-switch occurring what-so-ever! what you see is what you get!" So this is the best travel experience i ever had ...More

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