Beijing (Shanghai¡­)-Chengdu-Wolong-Beijing (Shanghai¡­)

Day 1:
Transfer to airport. Take morning flight to Chengdu, the capital of Sichuang Province. Meet and transfer to Tibet Hotel****. Afternoon tour includes Marquis Wu Shrine and the Wangjiang Lou Park. Enjoy spicy Sichuan Cuisine in the evening.

Day 2 :
Full day tour of famous Dujiangyan Irrigation System and the Sanxingdui Museum, which is one of the most exciting new museums in China. Built on the 3000 year old, 12sq meter site of the Shu culture, the museum houses interesting relics unique to the Chengdu area..

Day 3:
Early in the morning we visit the Panda Breeding Center just outside of the city. The morning is the best time to observe pandas, as they are most lively at that time. In the afternoon we drive north, leaving the Chengdu Plain and entering rugged mountainous terrain. Upon arriving at Wolong Nature Reserve, we have a private introduction about panda and Wolong Nature Reserve. Stay at Wolong Guest House***.

Day 4:
This morning we have two hours to photograph pandas as they eat their breakfast. We take a close-up look at baby pandas in their nursery, and watch adult pandas frolic, slumber and forage. Then visit panda museum at the Reserve.

Day 5:
Drive back to Chengdu. Take flight back to Beijing (Shanghai¡­) or take train to other cities.