Beijing (Shanghai¡­)-Chengdu-Leshan-Emei-Chengdu-Beijing (Shanghai¡­)

Day 1:
Transfer to airport. Take flight to Chengdu. Meet and transfer to Tibet hotel****. Visit Panda Reserve and Marquis of Wu Hou.

Day 2:
Drive to Leshan Mountain. Visit the Leshan Giant Buddha, the biggest carvings in the world. Transfer to Emei Mountain, which is one of the most famous mountains for Buddhism in China. It has many temples and beautiful scenery. Check in at Hongzhushan Hotel***

Day 3:
Take cable car up to the top of Mt.Emeishan. Visit the Gold-plated Roof, the Wannian Temple and the Baoguo Temple. Down the mountain by cable car. Transfer back to Chengdu.

Day 4:
Take flight back to Beijing (Shanghai¡­) or  take train to other cities.