Beijing (Shanghai¡­)-Zhengzhou-Luoyang-Beijing (Shanghai¡­)

Day 1:
Transfer to airport. Take morning flight to Zhengzhou. Upon arriving be met and take a tour to visit the Yellow River and Henan Museum. Stay at Weilai Conifer Hotel****.

Day 2:
Drive to Dengfeng country to visit famous Shaolin Temple, which is the cradle of Chinese Kong Fu. watch the Shaolin Kongfu by the monks. Then drive to Luoyang. Stay at Peony Hotel****

Day 3:
Visit Longmen Grottoes, White Horse Temple and Luoyang Museum.

¡¤ Longmen Grottoes --- more than 100,000 ../images and statues of Buddha and his disciples Were carved into cliff walls on the banks of the Yi River, 16km south of the city in 494 AD.

Day 4:
Drive back to Zhengzhou. Take flight back to Beijing (Shanghai) or take train to other cities.