Why Choose Private China Tour

For the tours in China, we have frequently discussed package tours and independent tours, but there are some other options, some of which are more popular than many might believe. One obvious example is the private China tour (private all inclusive tour of China). Normally when we refer to a China packaged tour, we are referring more to group tours, but even though they tend to be considerably more expensive, private tours in China are an option for many, and not as expensive as many people might imagine.

Our customers said: ¡° Many Americans have no idea that this type of service can be had in China at a very affordable price ¡­¡±

There are lots of advantages to a private tour. You can start it where and when you like. You decide when and where you want to stop, what you want to see, and how long you want to visit the different part of the city. Also you can time your visits to the key attractions, to avoid the massive crowds.

Our customers said: "We think the trend will be exactly what we did: self designed private tours. You don't have to follow along  with a bus load of people and see things you are not interested in. You determine what you want to see, how long to spend there etc¡±.


A private tour will give you more flexibility in choosing your itinerary which is useful if you want to explore a particular part of the city. Private tours are also usually custom tours, where the tourist specifies what they wish to do. Sometimes, this might be little more than the same tour taken by groups, while at other times tourists who have researched China or been there before will be very specific about what they wish to do and see.

  • You share the fun and the frights just among yourselves
  • You can negotiate when you want the tour to start
  • You can negotiate where your tour starts from
  • You can negotiate the length of your tour
  • You can ask to finish near the next point in your journey - a pub, a restaurant


In reality, China private tours are much like independent travel, but with a little additional help. One can do most anything, but at the same time, arrangements have been made prior to arrival in China and this allows one on a private tour to see as much as anyone in a packaged group tour, and perhaps even more. At the same time, there is much considerable freedom to do as one wishes.

Our customers said: ¡°our evenings by ourselves were a nice balance with the planned daily events. People want to come home and feel like they've really experienced what China is like. One of our best memories is when we were in Beijing and wandered into a back alley market where tourists normally do not go. We found people lining up for buns at this tiny bakery, and while we couldn't speak the language, we pointed to what we wanted and discovered the best tasting vegetable buns! I guess what I'm saying is, it's important to have a balance between planned tourist sites, and a little bit of unplanned adventure¡±

Affordable Price

Private tours tend to be more expensive than grouped tours. The real difference between a group tour and a private tour is, of course, the cost of the guide, the cost of setting up the tour and the cost of transportation. These are what make a private tour more expensive, but if your are travelling with a number of friends or family members the private tours could work out quite economical because the price of the tour is divided by the number of people in your group.

Our customers said:"ChinaOnYour Mind.com provided us with an interesting trip that included a selection of fine hotels, quality guides and superb drivers in every city, good restaurants, and flexibility. The ability to work with ChinaOnYour Mind.com online to negotiate a workable itinerary for us was most valuable. The cost of the trip was very helpful to our budget. We were able to see the Chinese people in every city, as well as see large views of China's economy, education, arts, and culture¡­¡­Gerald Klever (U.S)"

Professional Tour Guide

With a private China tour, your group has a guide all to yourself, and has the flexibility to customize the tour to suit the needs of your group. We will provide the group with the right kind of guide for the tour they want. They love what they do and they're better than anyone else at it. So your tour can be historical or funny or memorable.

Our customers said: ¡°When we were in Xi'an , we had about two hours of extra time, so we asked the guide if we could go to the Muslim Temple and the Muslim market so as to find out how they have lived in China . She did and we learned a lot about Chinese culture. We were delighted! This flexibility by the guide was important to us. We had the chance to visit an art university and gallery in Guilin after seeing the Li River, which was not part of our original tour, but was very rewarding to us. These two sites connected for us. We saw the inspiration for the paintings, then various painter's Li River paintings.

We believe that your guide is one of the singularly most important parts of your travel experience. That is why we only use local experts who have a history of working with our clients and whom we know personally. They speak perfect English and are experts on the museums, palaces, gardens or so on. We are extremely demanding in choosing our guides and are confident that your guide will be one of the most memorable aspects of your time in China .

Our customers said: ¡°Our guide in Beijing , Jack, was simply outstanding. His knowledge, courtesy, and level of service was well beyond any expectations we could have had. When we next get to Beijing , we will certainly be requesting that he guide us again! Nothing was too much trouble for him or our driver there. We were even taken on a drive through the countryside, rather than using the highway, when we were going from the Ming Tombs back to the airport (we had spare time). I found that extremely enjoyable and it was certainly something that I could not have experienced on a regular tour¡±.


We believe that the private tour will be the safest way to travel China as your tour guide will accompany you all the time. They will take care of everything about your tour such as arrival and departure transfer, transportation, hotel check-in, meals, tour arrangement or so on. They will even leave their cell phone number to you in case of any emergency. Any problems you might have during the tour in China can be solved in time.

Our customers said: ¡°People want to feel like they have control over their vacations, but do not want to be feel at risk or in danger. The type of hands-on service you provided me was very comforting. Someone to pick me up at each airport, someone to drive from place to place and someone to translate and order food. The fact that both Hans and our Guides gave us your cell phone number in case we needed it was fantastic and let us feel comfortable to explore on our own in the evenings¡±.


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