Hainan Island - China's Tropical Playground

Lying 30km off the coast as China's southern most point, Hainan Island is the second largest island in China. Facing the Leizhou Peninsula across the Qiongzhou Strait, Hainan includes the Hainan Islands, Xisha islands, Nansha Islands, Zhongshan Islands and the territorial sea. With its pleasant weather and sandy beaches, Hainan Island has developed into an ideal tropical resort offering water sports and sun bathing all year round. Hainan is also referred to as a "treasure island", well known for its abundance of tropical crops, rare plants and animals, aquatic products and mineral resources.

Haikou is the capital of Hainan, serving as a major transportation hub in the province. Sanya is a major tourist attraction with sunshine and beaches.
Hainan City Ratings
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History(5 )    Art(4) Local Culture/UniqueTour(7)
Nature/Scenic(10) Food/Shopping(9)  Night Life(5)
Religion(3) Adventure/Sports(10)    Reasonable Cost(5)
Recommended Days of Stay: 4 Haikou City Map

Quick Facts
Area - 34,000 square km
Population - 7.7 million
People - Han, Li, Miao, and Hui
When to go
Tourist Season - October to March;
Weather - Tropical, with typhoons possible from March to October;
Annual Precipitation - 2,000 millimeters (mainly in June)
Getting In and Out
By Air - Haikou, the capital of Hannan Island is 30 minutes by air from Guangzhou. Haikou's new airport offers flight links with Bangkok, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Macau and 37 Chinese cities. Sanya can also be reached by air from Haikou, Hong Kong and nine other Chinese cities;

By Boat - Hainan can be reached by boat from Guangzhou in about 24 hours.


Hainan was first colonized by the Han Dynasty troops more than 2,000 years ago. The island long served as a place of exile for poets and disgraced politicians. Nowadays, Hainan is one of China's special economic zones, encouraging foreign investment, trade, and tourism. With its bright sunshine, sandy beach and abundant natural resources, Hainan is quickly developing into China's Hawaii.

Local Culture/Unique Tour
Xinglong * * *
The Xinglong Farm in Wanning County was founded in 1951. It is the largest and also the earliest farm in China staffed with returned overseas Chinese totaling more than 20,000 from 22 countries and regions (mainly from Southeast Asia and Indo-China). It mainly grows tropical crops such as coffee, pepper, coconut, rubber tree, and cocoa. Now the farm has been opened up as a tourist attraction with beautiful scenery and modern facilities. There are hot springs with proper mineral contents and temperature, and the Hot Spring Hotel.

With the development of its tourism, the little town Xinglong has also became an unofficial "Red Light District".

Tongza: Li Village * * *
Li Village of Fanmao, two kilometers southwest of Tongshi is where the ethnic minority Li inhabit. Thatched cottages look like a pyramid or a boat with reeds hanging from the roof down to the ground. The Li people cook rice in a hollow bamboo, which gives the rice a fragrant flavor. Their home-made wine is also very special. The Li people like singing, dancing and sports. Hospitality and honesty are their tradition.

End of Heaven and Corner of Sea (Tianyahaijiao)* * *
It refers to a group of huge stones standing on the white-sand beach in Sanya by the South China Sea. In the center is a giant stone 10 meters high with a circumference of 60 meters. Carved on it are two Chinese characters "Tian Ya" (End of Heaven) on its front and another two Chinese characters "Hai Jiao" (Corner of the Sea) on its back. To its east lies a cone-shaped huge stone carved with "Pillar Supporting the South Heaven". With mountains in the background and the sea in the foreground these stones form a spectacular view.

Food/ Shopping
Famous Local Food
Tropical fruits (lichee), Wenchang Chicken, Jiaji Duck, Hele Crab, Dongshan mutton

Yalong Bay Beach * * * * *
Ten kilometers from Sanya lies Yalong Gulf sheltered by five small islands. The sea surface of the gulf is more than 50 square kilometers. A 7.5-kilometer-long beach covered with fine white sand is an ideal beach with an annual average temperature of 22 degree centigrade and 300 days of sunshine. The sea water is quiet all year round. It is also a good place for water skiing, yachting and other water sports.

Dadonghai Beach * * * *
Conveniently located 3 km southeast of Sanyan, the crescent shaped Dadonghai beach is a good place for swimming and other water sports.

Haiwang Nanyanwan Golf Club * * * * *
Located on Nanyan Bay, the Haiwang Nanyanwan Golf Club was designed by American golfer Bob McFarlane.

Kangle Garden Resort (Hot Spring)* * *
Kangle Garden Resort is one of best hot spring resorts in Hainan Island. Built in 1989, it is a well-maintained international class resort.
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