Qingdao - The Home of Tsingtao Beer

sichuan.jpg - 13888 Bytes Located on the south side of the Shandong peninsula, Qingdao is one of China's major seaports. Qingdao is also the largest city and industrial center in Shandong. Qingdao's factories make diesel locomotives, automobiles, television sets, and cameras. Qingdao also has a world-famous oceanic research institute.

Qingdao is an important manufacturing center, ice-free seaport and pretty summer resort, famous for its beer, mineral water, wine and European heritage.
Qingdao City Ratings
** The following ratings are based on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best.
History(6 )     Art(5) Local Culture/Unique Tour(4)
Nature/Scenic(7)     Food/Shopping(7) Night Life(7)
Religion(6)       Adventure/Sports(7) Reasonable Cost(6)
Recommended Days of Stay: 1

Quick Facts
Population - 1.71 million
When to go
Tourist Season - April through November;
Coldest Months - January with temperature at -1.2C;
Hottest Months - August with temperature at 25C;
Annual Precipitation - 715 millimeters
Getting In and Out
By Air - There are direct air connections with 35 major Chinese and most major Asian cities. It's one hour away from Beijing and Shanghai by air;
By Bus - Qingdao is 12 hours away from Beijing and 18 hours from Shanghai.
By Water - Qingtao is 26 hours away from Shanghai.


Qingdao started as a fishing village and has developed into an important trading center since the seventh century. During the Ming Dynasty, Qingdao was fortified against pirates.

On November 14, 1897, German armies took over Qingdao on the pretext of avenging the murder of two German missionaries in Shandong. Chinese government was forced to accept a treaty to lease land and the port to Germany.

Qingdao was taken by Japanese after the World War I to be used as a foothold in China.

Old German Concession Area * * * * *
Qingdao used to be the "seat of German China". Its German influence is best reflected in the old German Concession Area. The German architecture is very well preserved here because of the local government's conscious effort.

Qingdao Municipal Museum * *
This museum houses a collection of Yuan to Qing paintings and has an archaeological section best known for its large stone Buddha figures produced between 500 and 527. The most impressive one weighs 30 tons and is nearly 6 meters high.

Local Culture/Unique Tour
Qingdao Brewery and The International Beer Festival * * * * *
Germans left behind them in Qingdao another important heritage of their culture - beer. Laoshan's pure spring water and German brewing technologies produced the best beer in China, Tsingtao Beer. Tsingtao and Qingdao are variations of the city name pronunciation.

The International Beer Festival begins July 8 and lasts for 15 days. During this festival, beers from all of the world are shipped here for tasting.

Lao Shan Mountain * * * * *
Lao Shan is said to be the home of the Eight Taoist Immortals. Famous for its masculine shape of its mountains and its rushing waterfalls, it can be reached via three routes. The most beautiful one is Yangkou route. However, the waterfalls can only been seen in summer and autumn.

The meditative Taoists don't want material things to interfere with their search for peace and their communion with nature. Therefore, you won't find any fancy and large temples here in Laoshan. The only descent-sized one is Taiping (Grand Peace) Temple. The famous novelist, Pu Songling (1640-1715) used to live not far from the temple.



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