Shenzhen - Hong Kong in the Making

shenzhen.jpg - 16179 Bytes Shengzhen, the Special Economic Zone bordering Hong Kong, was one of the first cities to open up to the west. It's been the wealthiest and fastest growing town in China. In 1979, Shenzhen was a small fishing village with merely 20,000 people. Today, Shenzhen has almost 4 million people with its own stock exchange and Hong Kong styled skyscrapers.

Aspiring to be the next Hong Kong, Shenzhen right now is Hong Kong's weekend playground. Shenzhen has China's best parks, amusement parks and resorts.
Shenzhen City Ratings
** The following ratings are based on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best.
History(3) Art(2) Local Culture/Unique Tour(3)
Nature/Scenic(5) Food/Shopping(8) Night Life(8)
Religion(2) Adventure/Sports(7) Reasonable Cost(2)
Recommended Days of Stay: 2

Quick Facts
Population - 3.58 milliion
When to go
Tourist Season - All Year
Coldest Months - January and February, with temperature as low as 0C;
Hottest Months - July and August, with temperature as high as 38C and humid;
Getting In and Out
By Air - Shenzhen can be reached by air from more than 45 Chinese cities as well as Manila;
By Train - Shengzhen is less than 2 hours away from Guangzhou by train;


This is one of the few cities in China that you can't really say too much about the history. Shenzhen is entirely a product of the Chinese Economic Reform, gaining its importance purely by its geographical location.

Local Culture/Unique Tour
Lichee and Fine Food Festival * * * * *
Lichee is a tropical fruit that is very juicy and sweet. Its harvest time is during summer. The tourists come here to pick it. The festival takes place at the end of June.

Food/ Shopping
Seafood Market Restaurant
This place has probably the best seafood in Shenzhen.

Henry J. Beans
If you long for western food, this is the place to go.

Night Life
China Beach and Red Rooster
China Beach and Red Lobster are both local bars where the expatriates hang out.

China, the Magnificent * * * * *
China, the Magnificent is located in the Overseas Chinese City. It is the largest and richest miniature scenery park in the world, occupying an area of 30 hectares. The park displays nearly 100 China's most famous cultural and natural attractions in 15:1 miniature. There are Terra Cotta armies from Xi'an, the Forbidden City from Beijing, the Three Gorges, etc.

Folk Culture Village * * * * *
This park has 24 different life-size minority buildings, with demonstrations of handicrafts, cooking, and three shows a day of dances and songs. This can serve as a good introduction to the 55 minorities in China. Your trip to this park will prove to be much more beneficial if you can hire an English-speaking guide and let him explain everything to you.

Windows of the World * * * * *
World, the Magnificent.

Golf and Swimming * * * * *
Shenzhen probably has the best golf courses in China. Check out the Mission Hills Golf Course. If you feel like swimming, Xiao Meisha is the best beach in Shenhen.



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