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ChinaOnYourMind is the customized tour outlet of China Travel Service, one of the largest tour operator in China . We specialize in custom designed private tours to China for individual, couples and family group. We believe that tourists should have direct access to the basic service providers instead of having to go through layers of travel agencies. We strive to provide the most comprehensive China guide on the web so that every one can get travel information about China instantly and clearly. Since 1999, we have had thousands of happy customers going with us on custom designed private trips to China. China Travel Service


How do We Customize Your Tour for You

Our knowledgeable travel consultants have years of experiences and extensive networks in Chinese travel industry, who will help you decide where to go and what to see for free; We then design a personalized tour for you targeted towards your very own preferences and tastes. Since you will be taken care of by the government-owned leading travel agency in China , rest assured that you are in good hands.

What is a Private Tour

It is the only kind of tour we offer. A private tour is the best way to experience China . You travel with whomever you want wherever you want and whenever you want it. There is no limination and no hassle.

You will visit China 's best only with your private car, driver and English-speaking guide , with no others in the group. We will take care of everything once you are in China , such as hotel check-in, transfer, transportation, ticket-booking, tour, car, meals or so on. What you need to do is to spend more time exploring this fascinating country. Just like our guests said: ¡°Chinaonyourmind took care of all the details and we didn't have to worry about ANYTHING. This is very important for international tourists when they visit a culture that is so different¡±.

A private tour is very flexible and comfortable. You don't have to follow along with a bus load of people and see things you are not interested in. You are able to speed up or slow down tours to any pace you desire, so you can better understand Chinese culture. You also have a ¡°balance¡± between planned tourist sites and a little bit of unplanned adventure. We are sure that most of the travelers want to feel like they have control over your vacations. Why choose private China tour

How can We Offer You the Most Competitive Price

When you book a tour to China with a travel agency in your home country, the price will be marked up multiple times by each layer of intermediary involved. Since we are the direct outlet of one of the largest tour operators in China (we are the part of China Travel Service), we can offer you the most competitive rates and first class travel services.

Our Advantage

¡¤Veteran experts "tailor-made" your personalized China tour and satify all of your travel needs.
¡¤Effective and rapid service let you find what you want in the shortest time.
¡¤Extremely competitive price makes your tour overall valuable.
¡¤Chinese most notable travel agent provide 1st rate service for you and you will always feel at home.
¡¤Special persons in China are assigned for monitoring service quality, 24 hour emergent telephone can help you any time.

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Beijing Address
Rm 303, Tianhe Office Building
Chaoyang District, Beijng 100016, China,
Phone: 86-10-65046501
Fax: 86-10-65046501
E-mail : Chinaonyourmind@hotmail.com

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