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"We think the trend will be exactly what we did: self designed private tours. You don't have to follow along with a bus load of people and see things you are not interested in. You determine what you want to see, how long to spend there etc.

People want to feel like they have control over their vacations, but do not want to be feel at risk or in danger. So, China On Your Mind was perfect. The fact that both you and our Guides gave us your cell phone number in case we needed it was fantastic and let us feel comfortable to explore on our own in the evenings.

The reason we had such a good time was because China on Your Mind took care of all the details and we didn't have to worry about ANYTHING. With such a different culture and language differences, without an English speaking tour guide and private driver, the trip would have posed a lot challenges. I think people want to come to China and experience all it has to offer: shopping, amazing scenery, delicious food, history etc. but not have to deal with the difficulties.You also have the capability to speed up or slow down tours to any pace a client desires.

Your best strength is that you don't have problems or malfunctions on your tours. You foresee problems and avoid them before they happen rather than have tourists arrive and let the problem inform your guests. A very strong benefit of traveling with Chinaonyourmind.

COYM gave us a sense of thorough experience and support while we were in China.This is important for Americans when they visit a culture that is so different. Soon, we felt at home. For example, Hans, you called us the first night in Shanghai and sent over a gift. That was reassuring. "


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