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Established in 1949, China Travel Service was the first tour operator of new China. For decades, it has sustained a high reputation in the international tourism market, fully demonstrating its role as a leading enterprise in China's tourism industry. China Travel Service is member of China Travel Association, PATA, USTOA, IATA, ASTA and is ISO 9001 certified.

As the head enterprise among China Travel Service in the whole country, China Travel Service Head Office gradually developed from a travel service whose main business focused on overseas Chinese, Chinese with foreign nationalities, Chinese from Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan to a travel service whose business consists of inbound tourism, outbound tourism, and domestic tourism hundred thousands tourists from domestic or foreign countries.

It has created lots of ¡°Firsts¡± in China tourism: first receiving foreign visitors; first receiving Taiwanese; first receiving overseas important guest, such as Yang Zhenning and Li Zhengdao; first engaging in China citizens ¡°travel in Hongkong and Macao¡±; first trail travel for China citizens to Southeast Asia; first combining travel with culture, sports, exploration, enterprises¡¯ awards and international conference. Some travel products with distinguishing features promoted by CTS have been famous in China Tourism trade.

China Travel Service Head Office¡¯s promise to its clients and customers is to provide the highest quality of service in order to keep the leading position in the industry and to provide creative and new products to win the competition. Our quality policy: Meet our clients¡¯ requirements, manage our business honestly and faithfully, and win our customers¡¯ confidence with our quality. ¡°China Travel Service CTS¡± have been an approved brand by a great vast of domestic and foreign travelers.

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