Tour date: July 20--Aug 5, 2012
City covered: Beijing - Xi'an - Lanzhou - Xiahe - Dunhuang - Turpan - Urumqi - Kashgar - Shanghai for 16 days

The things we liked most about our experience with are A: very good organization of the tour; B: all guides extremely attentive, friendly and well prepared; C: the person who I contact with according to the tour 每 quick answers to the email, even when off the working hours, very attentive, kind and flexible. We started to travel on private tours 5 years ago and we have huge experience according to this. We booked the tour directly from china operator (first time) and finally we are very happy. The price and quality of the tour was excellent. "

---- Anzelika (Lietuva)

Tour date: July 20〞Aug 3, 2011
City covered: Beijing - Xi'an 每 Guilin 每 Yangshuo 每 Longsheng 每 Shanghai 每 Suzhou for 15 days

The things we liked most about our experience with are A: Prompt and flexible response from the tour contact (QiHans) online; B: Most of the tour guides were pleasant, knowledgeable, punctual, and flexible. We were most impressed with our Beijing guide, Amelia, who was very flexible and made sure to give us opportunities to get a massage. For one of our days in Guilin/Longsheng, we enjoyed the company of Mark, whose cheerful attitude helped us make it up the mountain; C: Nearly all major tourist sights were included in the itinerary; D: One hotel (Holiday Inn Express in Beijing) had a terrific (mostly Chinese) breakfast buffet. We also enjoyed breakfast at the hotels that we requested. We felt that our contact with this tour company was more than satisfactory. Communication was prompt and clear, and QiHans was flexible and patient with the changes we decided to make. Tour guides were knowledgeable and able to give us not only historical information, but also an idea of daily life in China. "

---- Mollie (U.S)

Tour date: Nov 7〞Nov 10, 2011
City covered: Beijing for 4 days

The three things we liked most about our experience with are A: Convenience in planning with Hans; B: very good guide; C: nice variety of sight-seeing Thanks again for your time and wonderful trip you designed for us. "

---- Walter (Canada)

Tour date: Oct 16〞Nov 1, 2010
City covered: Beijing - Xi'an 每 Chengdu - Guilin 每 Yangshuo 每 Yangtze Cruise 每 Shanghai 每 Suzhou for 17 days

The things we liked most about our experience with are A: saw major sites; B: very good going as 2 and not as a big group, C: very efficient transport to sites; D: hotels were excellent. The hotel rooms and hotels were excellent and we were extremely satisfied with those choices. I must say our drivers were all very good and got us to the events on time and did extremely well in picking us up and accommodating us. Our guides were all excellent in doing that as well. Some had issues with a knowledge base but all were great in being attentive and responsive to our needs. I think that the Yangtze cruse could have been eliminated, although it was nice, it was boring and we saw nothing of interest. I would recommend that another choice to be made in lieu of that event. The Li river cruise on the other hand was good. Thanks for a lovely trip. "

---- Eric (U.S)

Tour date: Oct 7〞Oct 27, 2010
City covered: HK 每 Guilin 每 Yangshuo 每 Yangtze Cruise 每 Jishou 每 Fenghuang 每 Zhangjiajie 每 Shanghai 每 Xi'an 每 Pingyao 每 Beijing for 21 days

Promptness of meeting with guides and drivers; Helpfulness of guides in managing small problems; Suggestions from guides about other things to do. Thanks very much for your time! "

---- Arthur (U.S)

Tour date: Sep 7〞Sep 13, 2010
City covered: Xi'an 每 Guilin 每 Yangshuo 每 Yangtze Cruise 每 Shanghai for 7 days

Go with Very reliable company, we are pleased with services all round. Punctuality, helpful guides and good hotels. Please send us emails for special holiday packages in China and elsewhere. Thanks for a wonderful trip. "

---- Meiling (Canada)

Tour date: Mar 26〞Apr 5, 2010
City covered: Shanghai 每 Chengdu - Xi'an 每 Lijiang 每 Zhongdian 每 Beijing for 11 days

The three things we liked most about our experiencewith are A: Good communication 每 felt trustworthy; B: Well organized; absolutely no problems; C: Guides were professional and spoke excellent English. Thanks again, for a wonderful holiday. "

---- Barbara (Australian)

Tour date: May 4〞May 31, 2009 (second time to book with COYM)
City covered: Beijing 每 Zhengzhou - Shaolin Temple 每 Luoyang - Xi'an 每 Shanghai 每 Suzhou 每 Huangshan 每 Hangzhou 每 Guilin 每 Kunming 每 Lijiang - HK for 28 days

The three things we liked most about our experiencewith are A: Tailoring my travel requirements; B: Ease and speed of communications; C: Guides suggesting additional attractions during free time. At first I thought it was strange to wire money accross to China instead of paying by Visa card. However, I found ChinaOnYourMind.Com to be a fantastic company. They had the best price available for the massive itinerary where i got to see a lot more of China than I would have if I had gone with a western company. I will be back and I will be using this company again. The hotels, guides and itinerary were superb. Thanks to all that arranged the holiday and those that provided me with excellent service. Many thanks for a very enjoyable trip. I look forward to returning as soon as i can "

---- Steven (British)

Tour date: Apr 11—Apr 23, 2009
City covered: Beijing - Xi*an- Lijiang- Guilin- shanghai 13 days

"I think your company offers great value for the money paid. the service is great in general. all of us are willing to recommed the company to colleagues and friends. the three things we liked most about our experience with are a: the puctuality and realiability of pick-ups and drop-off at airports b: the quality of accomadations and food c: the personal touch of saleperson and guides. "

---- Wanda (uk)

Tour date: Sep 26—Oct 10, 2008
City covered: Beijing - Xi*an - Chongqing - Yangtze cruise - Shanghai 15 days

"i learned a lot about china and saw many very positive things. i would love to see a sight where your customers talk about what they have learned and enjoyed. in learning about each other we understand each others needs and can only make the world a better place. the first guide was the best guide i have ever had and i have traveled 60% of the world. sophia. if you get to choose guides i would definitely use her. hans you did a great job on planning the trip. i would recommend you and your tour any time. thank you again i appreciate your hard work and enjoyed the trip. it was a fasinating experience. i also learned not to shop in government shops they are way overpriced. i was able to buy the same products at one-tenth the price as a wondered around on my own to chinese owned businesses. "

---- Steffeny (usa)

Tour date: Oct 1—Oct 10, 2008
City covered: Shanghai - Suzhou - Hangzhou - Tunxi - Huangshan - Hongcun 10 days

"you will be the first person i contact when we return to your glorious country. china on your mind arranged such a great tour of shanghai, suzhou, hangzhou, tunxi, hongcun and huangshan. your tour guide, ray, was absolutely amazing. i learned so much from him and he was just an amazing person. we could not have asked for a better and more knowledgeable tour guide.our tour guide in shanghai,snow,was great. very knowledgeable about local culture and customs. the real star of our tour was our tour guide, ray. he took us through hangzhou, tunxi, hongcun and huangshan. if there is one thing you do in china - get ray to take you to the yellow mountains. he took us on the less traveled paths to see the most magical views. he showed us all of the rock formations and told us their names and the stories behind them. he taught us about what good tea looks like and where to get it. he showed us where to buy local handicrafts at excellent prices. he showed us what was quality "inkstone" and what quality carving was. he took us to local restaurants, as opposed to the "tour bus" restaurants. the last night, my husband had "fish head soup". it made him so happy! ray is very intelligent and articulate. anyone who gets him as a tour guide should consider him/herself very lucky. qi hans from china on your mind patiently set up, changed, re-changed and changed our itinerary for china because our flights kept changing. hans did a most excellent job for us and made our trip to china for us. i highly recommend contacting china on your mind for a personalized tour." thanks so much hans"

---- Gillian (usa)

Tour date: May 8—May 28, 2008
City covered: Beijing - Xi’an - Yangtze cruise – Shanghai – Guilin – Yangshuo – HK 21 days

"we had a great time in china. we were extremely happy with the travel agenda arranged by chinaonyourmind, and with the professionalism shown by all of the guides who attended to us during the trip. we will enthusiastically recommend your service to anyone who contacts us about our experience. "

---- Terry (usa)

Tour date: Nov 10—Nov 25, 2007
City covered:Beijing-Xi’an -Yangtze cruise – Shanghai – Zhujiajiao – Guilin – Taishan 16 days

"we had a very good experience with you in terms of communication. you always answered our questions and our concerns in a timely manner. we thank you for that. we will definitely book our future trips with chinaonyourmind again. we are already making plan for our southern china trip in 2009. thank you so much for your gift which you drop off at the hotel a few days ago. thanks for your phone call also. james and his wife and my wife wish to send their regards and their appreciation for your arrangement and all the good food they have been enjoying so far. they wanted to let you know they really like this hotel we are staying at in beijing and enjoyed their buffet breakfast every day for the past four days. we also liked our drivers and local tour guide leo wang. he has been doing a very good job. we have been able to visit more and seeing more places than our 1988 trip. hans, you have been doing a great job. thanks again for your effort. "

---- Johnyan (usa)

Tour date: Jul 28〞Aug 10, 2007
City covered: Beijing - Xi*an - Kunming - Lijiang - Guilin - Yangshuo - Shanghai 14 days

"thank you for helping us have a wonderful trip. we especially loved lijiang, a place we would not have gone to, if you did not insist we do. the trip was quite tiring but definitely worth it. we had a wonderful time; the tour guides were very punctual,courteous, and helpful, the hotels and transportation (both by car and by plane) were very good and we would highly recommend your agency. your prompt response to all our concerns was really appreciated. "

---- Ruti (usa)

Tour date: Jun 24〞Jul 4, 2007
City covered: Beijing - Xi*an- Guilin- Yangshuo-Guangzhou - HK 11 days

"we had a very pleasant experience throughout our stay in china. the tour guides were very sympahetic to our needs. we arranged a private tour for two so that we could keep our own pace, spend time where we wished and breeze through other locations. the tour guides invariably reshuffled the itinerary in such a way that we got exactly what we wanted and still felt nice ans rested throughout our stay. thanks for the charming little gifts you had waiting for us in beijing on arrival. "

---- Uday (canada)

Tour date: Sep 19--Oct 10, 2006
City covered: Beijing-Xi'an-Yangtze cruise-Shanghai-Suzhou-HK 22 days

"we thank you for your good work and we thank hans for his good service and his patience. it was a wonderful trip. we have already passed the name of your company on to friends and acquaintances who are thinking about a possible trip to china. this personal, word-of-mouth advertising is the best you can have. the three things we liked most about our experience with chinaonyourmind: a. your willingness to work with us to arrange exactly the type of trip we wanted. b. the way you organized our trip. everything worked! the guides and car were on time and waiting for us at each airport when we arrived, the hotels were excellent and each day's schedule of events was interesting and well planned. c. the excellent and responsive-mail communications back and forth with you..we want to give special mention about the really good job that martin, our guide in beijing, did. although all the guides were friendly, on time and worked hard, young martin stands out in our minds as better than the others"

---- Betsy and Gerry Gossens (usa)

Tour date: July 12--July 21, 2006
City covered: Beijing-Xi'an-Guilin-Shanghai 10 days

"we had an unforgettable experience in china. the trip to the great wall an unbelievable experience. we walked up with (it was quite a hike) our tour guide and two people from the village. the sun rose over the mountains and it was excellent. we brought a bottle of champagne & all of us (there was a family that was living on the wall) had a drink. we stayed for over two hours talking and laughing. i was even showing card tricks to everyone. cindy, our contact at china oym was great - she even send us a small gift in beijing. she designed a trip we will always remember."

---- Tony (canada)

Tour date: Feb 4--Feb 21, 2006
City covered: Beijing-Xi'an-Chengdu-Shanghai 18 days

"you folks were terrific. china had come up as a last minute idea for us so you had very little time to put a trip together for a guy who barely knew anything about the country going in. i dealt primarily with lin at first and he couldn't have played me better. he was persistent, courteous, knowledgeable and funny. he didn't try to push he just let me make up my own mind while continuing to feed me the information i needed to make a final decision. typically i plan trips months in advance and am very knowledgeable about where i want to go and what i want to see. that wasn't the case with this trip. as my information base grew lin kept accomodating my requests for info and prices. in the end he offered me the best trip at the best price and i felt like i had already made contact with a chinese friend. the beinjing and chendu guides had to deal with two horrendously complicated problems. northwest airlines sent my bag to seoul on the trip over and the agent in xian tore off both the xian chengdu and the chengdu-shanghai flap of my ticket in xian. either problem would have taken days and enormous frustration for me to sort out. instead the guides took care of everything and both problems were complicated but they did it all and kept appologising for the mistake even though they had nothing to do with causing the problem. xian was a little overrated and maybe a train there and out the same day or at most the next day might have made more sense. the city walls are ok and the warriors are a big deal but i'm not sure i'd send my friends there. wuland should not have been booked for three nights. most folks would find even an overnight long; we were very interested in the pandas and one night was plenty. fortunately the guide was able to change our itineary so we could spend more time in chengdu. i've already sent you some business with joan connor's who leaves on tuesday on one of your trips and will continue to recommend you highly to all my friends. i am very willing to answer emails from folks looking for recommendations. while in china we were checked on frequently to make sure everything was ok. i felt the whole time that had we had a problem i had someone to call. we didn't have that level of problem. i had dealt with two other companies while planning my trip. china for two, which sounded very fancy and knowledgeable and ended up being rude, overpriced, and sloppy. they offered 14 days+ shanghai totally on our own for twice the price. another on line firm; imperial i think, was not really a personalized tour; more a seat on the bus kind of thing and didn't have the responsiveness that lin had to my questions-their tour was slightly more than yours. the business cards with our chinese names was a huge hit. it broke ice with people right away. lin set that all up before we left. great job folks and thanks especially to lin."

---- Ron (alaska, usa)

Tour date: Apr 28--May 8, 2006
City covered: Beijing-Yangtze cruise-Shanghai 11 days

"since i have worked in travel and tourism for years, i normally take care of all my planning myself. this was the first time i have ever booked a 'tour' holiday or used a travel agent, however i could not have been happier with the service and planning provided by chinaonyourmind. your service is outstanding, prices highly competitive, and staff teriffic. i was most impressed by the fact that the beijing office called us in each city we visited to check how things were going. it was very reasurring and was the icing on your service 'cake'. we have brought home memories and stories that will last a lifetime, from the policeman who 'hitch-hiked' a ride with us to the delicious food and many driving comedies we experienced along the way. comments about the guides/drivers: our guide in beijing, jack, was simply outstanding. if they have any kind of staff award at cts, then jack deserves one. his knowledge, courtesy, and level of service was well beyond any expectations we could have had. when we next get to beijing, we will certainly be requesting that he guide us again! nothing was too much trouble for him or our driver there. we were even taken on a drive through the countryside, rather than using the highway, when we were going from the ming tombs back to the airport (we had spare time). i found that extremely enjoyable and it was certainly something that i could not have experienced on a regular tour. we would also like to make special mention of our guide in wuhan, saiki, who was also wonderful and the driver, mr. lam, who was just great. mr. lam's humour and personality broke through the language barrier. their teamwork in wuhan helped my husband (the three kindoms fan) to enjoy his stay even more. he and saiki were always talking about the story and she would write down all the names and places in chinese characters so he could understand who they were in their japanese names."

---- Janelle (japan)

Tour date: Mar 12--Mar 21, 2006
City covered: Beijing-Xi'an-Guilin-Shanghai 10 days

"we have had excellent trip in china and it is in great part due to hans who was so thourough in making everything right. he even called us every time we arrived in a new city to make sure everything was ok. i will get back to you in may anyway because i wanted to send your company a letter of appreciation and a word about the excellent service that hans gave us. you have been a very efficient travel agent."

-----Donald (island view, canada)

Tour date: Mar 13--Apr 2, 2006 (the second time)
City covered: Beijing-Datong-Wutaishan-Taiyuan-Chengdu-Leshan-Dazu-Jinan-Qufu-Beijing 21 days

we just wanted to let you know that we had an absolutely wonderful time in china again. you did a wonderful job of the logistics and thank you once again for the lovely miniature gift screens with various attractions in china. this was definitely a trip that we will not forget for a long time to come.

best wishes for a successful 2006!

---- Jules(san francisco, usa)

Tour date: Oct 28〞Nov 8, 2005
city covered: beijing-xi*an-yangtze cruise-shanghai 12 days

we were very impressed with the tour guides and drivers. my itinerary was well put together. we had reservations about the trip as regard the guides and will i receive value for money. the answer is the guides were excellent and we did receive value for money. we would like cathy to receive a special reconition for doing an excellent job showing us the terracota army and the local area. we will put your company on my airline intranet with a strong reccomedation to use your company

---- Clive nicholas (sorrhy, uk)

Tour date: Aug 31〞Sep 1, 2005
city covered: beijing 4 days

our son split his head open at the silk factory, necessating a trip to the local hospital for emergency stitches. our tour guide nancy proved to be excellent at managing this unexpected accident, we were never worried or afraid, she was so helpful in translating and even staying right by us during the gory stitching to give us support. i would 100% book through you guys again if we ever find that we are in china again, and have already recommended you to two of our friends in hong kong. our guide was also very flexible when she was tryign to push us through the itinerary and we told her that we needed to go at a slower pace due to the fact we had our two year old and four year old sons with us. she immediately stopped worrying about us staying on ※schedule§ and we all had a relaxing and wonderful trip, seeing the things we most wanted to see and not worrying about the other things. i enjoyed dealing with hans via email, this trip was nearly two years in the making and then we finally booked it with only a seven day notice, yet it didn*t seem ※last minute§ at all, we got the full service we paid for and lots of value. thank you.

---- Heather (california, usa)

tour date: June 25〞July 6, 2005
City covered: Beijing-Xi*an-Guilin-Yangtze cruise -Beijing 12 days

we had a great time in china. we were extremely happy with the travel agenda arranged by chinaonyourmind, and with the professionalism shown by all of the guides who attended to us during the trip. everything, absolutely everything, was implemented extremely well; the guides were, knowledgeable, interesting, and professional; the itinerary proposed maximized our sightseeing very well. we will enthusiastically recommend your service to anyone who contacts us about our experience.

---- Gayle (new york, usa)

Tour date: Mar 28--Apr 16, 2004
city covered: beijing-xi'an-luoyang-zhengzhou-beijing 20 days

"best travel agent i have ever used and travel arrangements in china are hard to do in the first place. we had a bad experience with a group tour and another bad experience with a travel agent years ago in more frequented travel destination. as a result, we have travelled on our own until we went to china on this trip with coym. with coym, it is possible to take a private tour of china for the cost of a mid-range group tour and avoid the hassles of group inertia or selffish tourists interfering with the tour's itinerary. everything promised was delivered and then some. everyone was pro-active; not leaving anything to chance. guides were flexible and willing to incorporate a few changes. there was no bait-and-switch occurring what-so-ever! what you see is what you get!"

---- Jules(san francisco, usa)

Tour date: Apr 1--Apr 13, 2004
City covered: Beijing-Xi'an-Yangtze cruise-Shanghai 12 days

"we had a great time in china. thanks for all your help, and the gift that we received from you in beijing. we will definitely recommend you to others interested in travelling to china. there were too many meals on the tour. although they were of excellent quality, thee was far too much. we feel that the tour was excellent value and of very high quality."

---- Gayle (mihom, canada)

Tour date: Sep 8--Sep 22, 2003
City covered: Beijing-Xi'an-Kunming-Lijiang-Guilin-Shanghai 15 days

"guides that appreciated our interest in talking with the people and learning from them about their culture. we were able to meet many people and learn about their interests and issues.the guides were intelligent and had much knowledge. they were also flexible, substituting some events for others. for example, the guide in lijiang subsitituted a trip to leaping tiger gorge (for which we paid the driver 300 yuan extra), for a chair lift ride to snow dragon mountain because the mountain was cloudy and overcast and we would not be able to see it.the drivers were universally great! we do not know how they do it, but they expertly weaved their way through traffic in every city we visited, moving through walkers, bikers, cars, and trucks. we were amazed at their skill!the hotels we stayed in were excellent and the staff cooperative.

chinaonyour provided us with an interesting trip that included a selection of fine hotels, quality guides and superb drivers in every city, good restaurants, and flexibility. the ability to work with chinaonyour online to negotiate a workable itinerary for us was most valuable."

---- Gerald (tucson, usa)

Tour date: Apr 19--May 9, 2001
City covered: Beijing-Xi'an-Yangtze cruise-Guilin-Shanghai-HK 21 days

"tell your prospective customers that a personalized tour like the one i took is definitely superior to any organized group tour. the guides take care of everything: airport pick-up, hotel check-in, and airport check-in. one of the major disadvantages of traveling with a large tour group is the constant waiting for someone 1) to go to the bathroom; 2) to decide what gift to buy; 3) to take that last photo before boarding the bus, . . . . one a personalized tour, you move at your pace, waste no time waiting for other people, and see/do a lot more. to coym: thanks for a great trip. best wishes for the future. don't worry, i'll tell everyone i know who wants to go to china to look you up. cheers."

---- Kevin (california, usa)

Tour date: July 21--July 31, 2000
City covered: Beijing-Xi'an-Guilin-Suzhou-Shanghai 11 days

"we really had a wonderful time in china. from tomorrow back to normal."

"it should be better for the guests (especialy when on a private tour), if the local quides are allowed to have lunch with the guests when they ask to do so."

---- Christos (cyprus)

Tour date: Oct 13--Oct 28, 2000
City covered: Beijing-Xi'an-Guilin-Shanghai 16 days

"i have returned from the china trip very impressed with the country, the development, the people, the scenery, the tradition and of course - the great food. your company has treated us very well and i shall definitely recommend all my colleagues to use your services."

---- Arnon (israel)


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